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Rudimental Drumming
Suggested Reference and Solo Materials
These are some of my favorite Rudimental Drumming books; Check them out!

Campbell, James Rudiments in Rhythm, Meredith Music, 2002

Cuccia, Dominick The Beat of A Different Drummer, Meredith Music, 2004

Freytag, Edward The Rudimental Cookbook Row-Loff Productions 1993

Freytag, Edward Just Desserts, the Rudimental Cookbook Volume II, Row-Loff Publications 2001

McCormick, Larry W. Precision Drumming, the McCormick Method, Percussion Enterprises, 1965

Moeller, Sanford A. The Art of Snare Drumming, Chicago, Ludwig Drum Co., 1950

Moore, J. Burns The Art of Drumming Ludwig Drum Co. 1937

Pratt, John S. 14 Modern Contest Solos for Snare Drum Alfred (CCP/Belwin) Publishing 1959

Pratt, John S. 26 Traditional American Drumming Rudiments Hal Leonard Publishing, (1960) 2009

Pratt, John S. 128 Rudimental Street Beats, Rolloffs & Parade-Song Parts, Hal Leonard Publishing, 1959 (1960)

Pratt, John S. The New Pratt Book Permus publications 1985

Pratt, John S. Rudimental Solos for Accomplished Drummers Meredith Music Publishers 2000

Queen, Jeff The Next Level, Rudimental Snare Technique, Mark Wessels Publications 2004

Various Authors, National Association of Rudimental Drummers N.A.R.D. Drum Solos, Ludwig Drum Co. 1962

Various Authors, The Solo Snare Drummer, Permus Publications 1985

Various Authors, Ziggadabuzz, Row-Loff Productions, 2001

Wanamaker, Jay A. and Carson, Rob Percussive Arts Society Official International Drum Rudiments, Alfred Publishing 1984

Wanamaker, Jay A. Corps Style Snare Drum dictionary, Alfred Publishing, 1981

Wilcoxson, Charley The All American Drummer Ludwig Music Publishing 1945

Wilcoxson, Charley Modern Rudimental Swing Solos for The Advanced Drummer  Ludwig Music Publishing 1941

Suggested Technique Materials
These are some of my favorite technique, instructional and drill texts

Cook, Gary D. Teaching Percussion, Thomson Schirmer, 2006

Combs, F. Michael, Percussion Manual Waveland Press Second edition 2000

Rich, Buddy (In collaboration with Henry Adler) Buddy Rich’s Modern Interpretation of Snare Drum Rudiments Embassy Music/Music Sales Corp. 1942

Stone, George Lawrence Accents and Rebounds, George B. Stone & Son 1961

Stone, George Lawrence Stick Control, George B. Stone & Son 1935

Tilles, Bob Reading Exercises For Snare Drum G.I.A. Publications 1971

Wooten, John The Drummer’s Rudimental Reference Book, Row-Loff Productions 1992

Video and Audio Recordings
Arsenault, Frank The 26 Standard American Drum Rudiments, Ludwig Recording

Beecher, Mark The Art of Ancient Rudimental drumming, Mark Beecher, 1996

Gauthreaux, Guy G. II Open-Close-Open American Contest Solos for Snare Drum Pioneer Percussion, 1999

Gauthreaux, Guy G. II Rudiments, Rudiments, Rudiments! 40 International Snare Drum Rudiments and 6 graded snare drum solos.  Pioneer Percussion, 2004

The Historic Drummer’s Heritage Concert at The Percussive Arts Society International Convention 2002

Reference Articles
The following articles can be obtained through the Percussive Arts Society website archives; from past editions of Percussive Notes and the Percussionist publications.  www.pas.org (although you must join as a pas member to access these articles)

 “The 42 Standard Rudiments?  To Revise or Not Revise” by Ron Fink,

“Drag Interpretation for the Rudimental Drummer” by Dan C. Spaulding Percussive Notes, April 1985

“A Study of the Rudiments Used in Foreign Military Drumming Styles”, by John K. Galm, Percussionist - Vol. 2, Nos. 1 & 2, February 1965 (Corrections appear in Percussionist May 1967)

“The History of the 40 international Snare Drum Rudiments”, by Fred McInnis, Percussive Notes, April 2005

“Hybrid Snare Drum Rudiments.” Joel Smales Percussive Notes, April 2005

 “An Introduction to the Swiss Rudiments and Their Notation”.  Allen C. Benson

“On the Technical Side, Swiss Rudiments” by Jeff Donnelly, Percussive Notes 1978. 

“PAS International Drum Rudiment Proposal” Edited by Jay Wanamaker and assisted by the PAS Marching Percussion Committee, Percussive Notes October 1982

“Percussion Education Department” by James D. Salmon, Percussionist April 1966

“The Perfectionists, The History of Rudimental Snare Drumming From Military Code to Field Competition” 
by Ken Mazur, Percussive Notes, April 2005

“Timeline of Marching and Field Percussion” by Jeff Hartsough and Derrick Logozzo, Percussive Notes; Part 1 August 1994, Part II October 1994, Part III December 1994, Part IV February 1995

 “What To Do With the Rudiments” Percussive Notes, 1972

Here are some great websites to help you gain knowledge and insight into rudimental drumming!
Percussive Arts Society

Dominick Cuccia’s Site

Drum Corps International

Drum Corps Associates

A great Rudimental Drumming Website

Vic Firth’s Rudimental play along pages

Check out the YouTube videos of the Top Secret Line from Basel Switzerland