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Hi Ben! I am John from Colombia, South America. I have one of your books (Workin' Drums 50 Solos for Drumset), and it has been a real help in my development as drummer. I am 26 and I have been playing drums for one year. In my practice it is not a problem for me to read the music in this book. I do my best to make the groves feel good, but it would be a great help if you can create a CD with the solos in this book. I don't know if there is a CD out already, if so how can I get one of those? Again, thank you for this very great job.

- John S


Thank you for the message and kind words. I am glad you are enjoying "Workin' Drums." It was a lot of fun to write. Unfortunately there is not an accompanying CD available. Below are some other books I would suggest, some of them have CD's packaged with them, and also a link to the Hal Leonard website; you can find more info there.

Good Drumming,

Ben Hans

Rock · Funk · Blues · Fusion · Jazz
Series: Percussion
Publisher: Cherry Lane Music, Distributed by Hal Leonard
Book & CD Package
Composer/Author: Tom Hapke

Blake Neely and Rich Mattingly
Book & CD Package

The Complete Resource for Every Drummer
Publisher: Cherry Lane Music, Distributed by Hal Leonard
Steve Mansfield


Hi! I recently purchased copies of two of your books, 40 Intermediate Snare Drum Solos and Workin' Drums. Snare Drum Solos has arrived and Workin' Drums should arrive any day now. I couldn't resist buying them after both received good reviews in Modern Drummer and seeing the low prices. After glimpsing the solos I am looking forward to working through the book. The presence of themes and various dynamics and tempos make the solos much more interesting. I have two questions concerning the interpretation of accents and marcatos. 1.) How much louder should an accent be played compared to the current dynamic level? 2.) How much louder should a marcato be played compared to the current dynamic level? I saw the explanations in the back, but I would appreciate an explanation in dynamic terms. For example, in "Accent Etude in 2/4" in measure 9 when it switches to mf, at what dynamic level, or between what dynamic levels, would the accent be played? Thank you for reading this and for writing such a great book.

- Jay G

Thanks for the kind words, message and support. I sincerely hope you enjoy playing the music as much as I enjoy writing it. As far as accents go:

Q1. How much louder should an accent be played compared to the current dynamic level?

Accents are generally to be played "a little bit louder". The accent should relate to the appropriate dynamic level. Accents in p are much softer than accents in f . In m9 of accent Etude 2/4, lessen the accent along with the dynamic. At m13 bring up the accent while you crescendo to f. Make sure the accents are not interfering with the 'feel'. Make everything smooth and connected. Remember that accented notes will require a slightly higher stick height. Some great supplements for accents are George Stone's Accents and Rebounds, and Ted Reed's Syncopation book. Another great reference for this question is in the great new snare drum book by Rick Mattingly "Hal Leonard Snare Drum Method" HL06620059 (check out page 31, this book comes with a helpful CD sound supplement as well.)

Q2. How much louder should a marcato be played compared to the current dynamic level?

A marcato should be a heavy accent, it should jump out of the surrounding music. It is played louder than a normal accent. Think of a higher stick height than the surrounding music of the measure, maybe 12 -18 inches higher in your stroke. You make the call. (I tell my students to play it like a surprise in the music, and if someone were sitting in front of you they would jump a bit out of their chair. Especially when it's marked sffz.)

The solos in the books are also open to interpretation, and 10 different players would sound 10 different ways, just as 10 different orchestras sound different playing the same piece of music. Hope this helps, have fun with them!

Jay - Good Luck and Good Drumming!!
Ben Hans